Let’s Go

Early morning echo, ekg, and cardiology appt this morning. We are already on our way home!

Kiran did so well during his echo and ekg. For the first time, during his echo, he wanted to sit up and look at his heart on the screen in real time. The echo tech was so wonderful and flexible, allowing him to “help” and to move his body to see better. It was as fun of an experience as an echo can be!

Dr R described his heart as stable, but his pressures did increase. They were around 40 and are now around 50. Pressures will be around 60-65 before intervention is warranted. He is guessing K will need a cath lab intervention for his conduit (ballooning, closed stent are options mentioned) by next summer. He is hopeful about cath interventions because there is so much more they can do to prolong the life of a conduit now, allowing him to continue to grow. Ideal situation would be Kiran growing into a more adult-sized body before he would need a new conduit placed via open heart surgery.

It’s a great time to be alive, with all the technological and medical advances happening all the time.

Surgery for his submandibular salivary gland removal was approved, as was holding his daily aspirin for a week prior and a week following the procedure. This greatly reduces the need for a drain or any bleeding difficulties with this procedure.

So – celebrate the good news and get my head wrapped around surgery happening in less than two weeks. Here we go.


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