Kiran was getting some Nana snuggle time on the couch this evening, and he started to do his “crunches.” Rather than use his arms to pull himself up to a sitting position, Kiran has always tried to simply use his core and sit straight up. This kid has better abs than me, I can tell you that right now.

Anyway, for awhile now, he has been able to come up to sitting from a reclined position … but tonight, he went all the way down to lying on his back (on Nana’s legs) and was able to pull himself up into a sitting position! He did this a handful of times while Nana was holding his feet down with her arms, and then did it about 1 1/2 times without the feet-hold.


He is so strong, and he continues to amaze me. We celebrate every bit of progress.

Also: A belated Merry Christmas wish, from us to you and yours. ❤️


The Gaps

I want to be writing more than I am.  I miss sharing about this heart life with no filters.  The current season in my life makes me feel as though I need to be cautious and add filters.  So I choose to not write instead.

Kiran is doing well.  We have been attending therapy sessions and have had a break, now, from medical appointments.  In January, we go to Iowa City twice.  We will see all of his specialists, except his orthopedic doctor and genetic doctor. And we have a date set in May for his brain MRI.

Otherwise, we just continue to celebrate all the little bits of progress we see.  He’s learning more about his body and how it can move.  I caught him trying to sit up by putting weight through his arm, rather than simply trying to crunch himself up (seriously, this kid has abs).  He is responding more to simple commands “Look at Mama.”  “Pat your head.”  He is finding his opinions and expressing them forcefully – he is really not liking being strapped into any seat currently.  Such a normal two year old thing!  And he is singing along with me – and the radio – to Christmas tunes.

It has not been an easy holiday season, but there is so much joy to be found everywhere…so I just try to focus on continuing to find it.  Kiran makes it easy.