Heart Month – Day 25 – Inspiration

It may seem non-traditional, and a bit backwards, but my son is my inspiration.  Kiran has taught me more about strength, perseverance, and character than anyone I have ever met.

Despite his list of challenges growing and growing and growing over these past three years, Kiran’s determination and will have remained the same.  He, too, keeps growing and growing and growing.  He pushes forward, works hard with every therapy exercise, and has a smile on his face through most of it.

What I can never get over, though, is his joy.  And his desire to spread that joy, to share it with me and with others.  Even when he had a fever and was decidedly miserable, he would try to give me the occasional smile or giggle.  He wants to see the people around him happy, and he just radiates that happiness.

All.  The.  Time.

I know he doesn’t know anything different than the life he is living, but he lives it with such grace.  He has such a good attitude, a kind spirit, a never-give-up will…. He is just so strong.  He inspires me every single day to be better, to be more like him, to give him everything he needs to be the best.

I can’t even express how much I love him – and what an inspiration he is to so many people who know him.  I have no idea how I got so lucky to be his mom – to be his advocate – to be his voice – to be his biggest fan.  But I know I will never win the lottery, because all my luck was used up getting to have Kiran as my son.

Luckiest.  Mama.  Ever.


One thought on “Heart Month – Day 25 – Inspiration

  1. His smile, his happiness, his strength and perseverance, all is a reflection of your love. He’s equally blessed by you, and your inspiration in him, is his. You may not always see it from inside the moment, but you’re one fan-freaking-tastic mom.


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