Kiran was getting some Nana snuggle time on the couch this evening, and he started to do his “crunches.” Rather than use his arms to pull himself up to a sitting position, Kiran has always tried to simply use his core and sit straight up. This kid has better abs than me, I can tell you that right now.

Anyway, for awhile now, he has been able to come up to sitting from a reclined position … but tonight, he went all the way down to lying on his back (on Nana’s legs) and was able to pull himself up into a sitting position! He did this a handful of times while Nana was holding his feet down with her arms, and then did it about 1 1/2 times without the feet-hold.


He is so strong, and he continues to amaze me. We celebrate every bit of progress.

Also: A belated Merry Christmas wish, from us to you and yours. ❤️


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