Back to Reality

It is amazing how much I can talk myself into putting off until “after the holidays”.  Then, yesterday, it’s January 2nd, and I feel like I have to accomplish all 876 things I have been putting off.  There are specialists to email and appointments to make and prescriptions to get and therapies to attend and medical appointments – yes, medical appointments – this month!  I feel like it has been SUCH a long stretch (and it HAS been)…six months!  But January is the month we see almost all of Kiran’s specialists (save ortho and genetics).  This means two trips to Iowa City – because there is always that one appointment you can’t quite make work on the same day as all the others.

I can’t honestly say I’m ready to dive in and deal with this side of things again…but I will.  And I am hoping to update the blog more frequently this side of the new year.  In fact, I am hoping to be blogging with some good news after feeding therapy tomorrow…so stay tuned….

Also, for those not friends with me on facebook, here’s my new year’s post:

2017. As the calendar rolled into this year, I had a very different vision of what my life would look like today. I am no longer going to guess what the year ahead might bring, because most of my adult life – whether because of choices I’ve made or cards life has dealt – has not gone as envisioned.

Instead, my focus will continue to be to live an honest, healthy life. A big focus is to be the best Mom I can be for this little man right here. It’s not always as clear-cut a path as you might imagine. But I’m cutting away the dead branches and scooping off the snow…we are traveling the road, together. Finding our way inside a new family dynamic, together.

This holiday season has been bittersweet. No. Honest life. It’s been downright difficult. Really gut-wrenchingly HARD. But we are here. We are making it. And today is a new day, and tomorrow will be a new day…and the day after that too. And we will just keep putting one foot in front of the other – I will continue helping Kiran learn how it feels to take a step forward, even as I continue to trip and fall myself.

And it will be good. Even in the hard, it’s so good.

May 2018 be hard and good, as you work to find or follow your own path. If you get lost or wind up flat on your face, you’re in decent company – and I will always, always come walk alongside you – or lay down next to you – for as long as you need. Because I am learning that those who also embrace the honest, healthy life … well, we need each other. I continue to be surprised who is willing to join me facedown in the mud and suffer scrapes alongside me … so know that I’m willing to do that with you, friend.

Let’s walk together in 2018.


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