Questions, Answered

I am sure my earlier post has brought about some questions for those following our story.

Questions like: When will Kiran get a wheelchair?  Does this mean he will never walk?  And most importantly: Will you be turning it into The Batmobile so he can go as a super awesome Batman for Halloween next year?

We will be starting the process in early April.  Insurance timing varies.  We may get it by summer or it may be fall.  The hope is he will get it in time for preschool, which will either start at the beginning of the school year in the fall or when he turns 3 in October.

This does NOT mean he will never walk.  In fact, the wheelchair will give him good support and reserve his energy for the times he is specifically working on his PT goals of standing and (eventually, down the line) walking.  At this point, everyone feels the wheelchair is a temporary mobility device for Kiran.  We will continue to work, taking his lead, on his PT goals.

And yes.  I really hope so.  If anyone wants to help me figure out how to make his wheelchair transform into The Batmobile, I’d appreciate it.


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