Illness and Cage

We had kinda just been trucking along with life….

and then Kiran had major explosive diaper blowouts two times in a row on Thursday evening (the last being on the way to my birthday dinner – needless to say, plans changed a bit that night).  He continued to have diarrhea and be pretty lethargic throughout the weekend.  We did a lot of bone broth and pedialyte, banana puree and applesauce – and a LOT of snuggling.

I am fairly certain we read every single book we own.  This is only a SLIGHT exaggeration.  We also had more screen time than I think he has ever had in his life.  We watched the Trolls movie on Friday night and Boss Baby on Saturday night.  I recommend them both, whether or not you have a tiny human to watch them with you.

He seemed to be on the mend Sunday afternoon.  I would cautiously say he is all better by now, though his energy level is still (understandably) lower than normal.  We were back to our regular eating routine yesterday, and he is in good spirits (not that those ever left him).

I am glad we got the illness out of the way when we did, because we started our second session of the cage physical therapy intensive today!  Today was just assessment day, and we saw a pretty good portion of his skills and assist levels were maintained since ending the last session.  We are hopeful for more strength building and skills progress – can’t wait to see what the tough little guy will accomplish this time!


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