Steady Day

I haven’t updated, because it has been a gloriously boring day. Kiran has been doing really well. He continues to be stable, and nothing he has experienced today is out of the ordinary or cause for concern. 

There has been a lot of tweaking with the medications, the amount of sedation and pain medicine, etc. And, like I learned his first week of life in the hospital, oftentimes they have to tweak something because they’ve tweaked something else. For instance, they gave him something to get his ph balance back to a normal level, which caused his potassium to drop, so they had to give him potassium. Sometimes the carousel seems crazy, but it is how things go in the hospital. 

It has largely been a day of rest for him. He has moved his legs and gotten a bit agitated a few times – even kinda opened his eyes a couple times – but he seems in so much pain when this happens, they have given him a bit more morphine so he can rest comfortably again. One time in particular was very hard to see him grimace in pain and make cry-like noises (best he can while still intubated) …. I can tell this recovery process will be heart-wrenching for his mama. 


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