The Night

Kiran continues to do well. Toward the end of the day yesterday, he was having more periods of agitation and his pressures would climb until he was given either a sedative or morphine (as an added dose, as he is getting both of these as drip medications as well). They finally decided it was necessary to start his drip on another sedative, and this allowed him to have a very restful night. 

The nurse said she only gave him an added dose of the original sedative just a bit ago this morning, because he very much disliked his x-ray and sheet change.  When I came in, he was still coming down from that agitation. Now, his pressures are back down to the range they want them, and he is back to resting peacefully. 

If there are any big changes at rounds today, I will definitely update. However, I imagine today will be much like yesterday. His body is still resting, and he is still on a lot of support. This is absolutely normal after the big procedure he had. I was reassured by our nurse tonight – again – that nothing is out of the ordinary at this point in recovery. It continues to be a lot of titration (I have to show off my new medical term knowledge) – which is basically them going up and down on doses of medicine dependent on how he responds to it. They continue to work to find his sweet spot to keep his pressures good and him calm and comfortable. 

Also, he is diuresing well (I know, now I’m just showing off – the perpetual student in me is loving these new medical terms!) which means he’s peeing well. They started him back on furosemide (Lasix), which he has been taking at home since he was about five months old or so. This helps pull the excess fluid out – makes him pee. He is responding well to it. 

I haven’t seen an oxygen saturation below 98 since surgery, and he sits at 100 most of the time. That continues to be surreal to me but in the best possible way. 

All in all, we continue down a fairly smooth road. I know there are some pretty scary bumps up ahead – I have seen glimpses with his brief periods of agitation of what we will experience once he starts being weaned off these meds – but I will do my best to live in the calm as long as we are on this step of the journey. 

I will say this: I miss my baby. I can’t wait for him to wake up and smile and talk and laugh … But I am so thankful he is resting so well. 


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