Oxygen Saturations and Pictures

Kiran did well through the night. The doctor said she didn’t have to do anything for him that wasn’t completely normal and to be expected after a major open heart surgery. He has a lot of wires and tubes and medicines he is hooked up to – and he is still intubated – but it wasn’t hard to see him that way. Because he is doing so well. Because he came out of that surgery like a rockstar. Because he is my little man, and healthcare stuff isn’t as scary to me as it once was. 

And this morning, when we went in to see him, after our visit last night at 3:30 am visit …. His oxygen saturations were at 100!!!!  We have never seen that before, and I honestly didn’t know it would be possible with his anatomy. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, he lived with an oxygen saturation between 80 and 85 before this surgery. 100 is an amazing number to see. Brought joyful tears to this mama’s eyes. 

They have already started weaning him, very slowly, off the oxygen. He moved his little legs and got a little upset this morning when we were with him but calmed down very quickly with music. I know as we start weaning him off of things and he starts being more awake, it’s going to get tough. Bracing myself. 

Rounds are at 9 am and we will know more about the plan for the day for him then. But everything is looking good ❤️


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