I hate making phone calls. If you want my anxiety level to rise, ask me to make a phone call. And yet – with medical appointments, insurance issues, and just general everyday life, phone calls are inevitable.

I started out the week with four phone calls to make – 3 were related to Kiran – medical and insurance things – and 1 was mine. And though it may sound silly to some, I had made a plan to keep my sanity. I would make 1 phone call Monday, 1 Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday. Well, after my one phone call Monday morning, I received another medical related phone call that led to yet another phone call I had to make that very day. This means I was on the phone 3 times on Monday. Needless to say, I took yesterday off from phone calls.

You see, something I am trying really hard to do now is take care of myself. I am trying to create some semblance of balance, pay attention to my mental health, and take breaks as needed. Kiran had a respite care provider with him yesterday morning, so I opted to ignore my giant to-do list and actually utilize that time to take a breath. I did have to take the puppy to get his nails trimmed and on the way I spilled coffee all over the passenger side of my van, but hey, I didn’t make any phone calls….

I am pleased to report that as soon as 8 am hit this morning, I sat down and prepared for my 3 phone calls. The first one, I realized I could handle online – perfect! This is my favorite kind of phone call – the one I don’t have to make!!! The second one was the one for me, and I was able to not only accomplish what the phone call required but make a future appt that saves me a future phone call. The third was to inquire about a medical bill that I was very concerned and confused about – and lo and behold – insurance paid, and I can disregard. I got off that last phone call at 8:30, and I have no pending phone calls on my list currently. Hurray!

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a person that didn’t struggle with making phone calls or talking on the phone. I really do prepare for them – I make sure any information I think I might need is right in front of me, have a pen and paper handy, take a deep breath….

But I am me, so I guess that’s what I have to work with. And it’s a weight off to have some of these hard ones done, and all the news was good. I am sure more will pop up before week’s end, but that’s okay. It’s nice in the summer, because Kiran helps me through them, giving his two cents in the background. I am pretty sure he was trying to tell the billing guy his name and address today.

One step at a time. And now I get to focus on a new adventure today for Kiran and me. Soaking in these last summer days!


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