Fierce: adjective: showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.

I have decided this is my word for 2021. I am going to continue to approach my life with heartfelt and powerful intensity. This means loving fiercely. This means fighting for what is right fiercely. This means protecting my son fiercely.

I see living fiercely as the opposite of living apathetically.

There are many facets of what living fiercely must look like in this year. I know what I have ahead of me in certain areas of my life, and I will have to be a fierce fighter. But I have committed and will continue to commit to underlying all of the necessary fierce fighting with a fierce love – love for my son and what is best for him overall.

I am tired. 2020 wore on me, and turning the calendar page hasn’t changed much in my world. But I will be fierce in this way, too: choosing what is worth focusing on. Heartfelt and powerful intensity takes energy, and not everything is worth that. But as far as what is? I’m showing up for it this year.


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