Balance Beam Wavering

It is like I was just starting to understand basic algebra, and life threw me into an advanced calculus class.

I was starting to wrap my head around ways to find time and take part in self-care activities.  I was starting to achieve some semblance of balance with school, work, Kiran, friends, and self.  And I was working steadily toward an even better balance.

And now, this.

I am trying still.  I have to try.  But I’m overwhelmed and frustrated and tired.  Already.  I feel like the frustration and anxiety and stress builds like a physical pressure – builds and builds and builds – and I fear it will eventually spill out in unproductive ways.  So I take walks and I read uplifting snippets of books and I check in with my people.

I am doing my best to find a new balance, because it won’t be the same as what I was building.  But I have to keep reminding myself that it will also only be temporary.

This too shall pass.

I may not ever fully grasp advanced calculus but having taken the class, perhaps basic algebra will be a cinch.



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