Chill Mama

I said something on the way to St Louis about how I planned on just going with the flow and being a “chill mama” on this, our first family trip.

The reaction from the fam bam proved they all know me very well – and tolerate me anyway.

But today, as we realized Twisted Ranch, the restaurant the kidlings REALLY wanted to go to, was only open for lunch today and closed all day tomorrow … I had a tough choice to make. Our day was already full of plans, with only a small window for Kiran to nap. Lunch out was not a plan.

Knee-jerk reaction is always – Well, Kiran needs his nap, so I’ll just stay home. This is what I signed up for – I’m the mom.

But they all really, really wanted us to go along and have this experience, so we kept brainstorming. We figured we could do the brewery tour, have lunch, get back for Kiran to take a quick nap, and still make it to the arch tour in time.

Okay. I agreed. We headed to the tour. Only, we missed our window for the 11:00 tour, so we had to wait until noon. Suddenly, my choice got harder. Not only was there no time for a nap, but there was no time to go to the house for his snack.

It is always hard for me to deviate this far from Kiran’s schedule. We do well – BOTH he and I – with a schedule. But this is also vacation. With the whole family. And I have to remember that sometimes, it really is okay if everything isn’t perfect.

So we went to the ranch restaurant. All of us. I let the schedule go.

Kiran rallied. He was a rockstar. And what was really cool, is I ordered him a sprite with bubble gum syrup and gave him a little in his tube. And he got to sample several different flavors of ranch off a French fry and kept opening his mouth again and again.

He had a great experience!

And we might have missed it.

Today reminded me about balance. It reminded me about letting go, just a little, when it makes sense. One day is not going to make or break it all with Kiran.

He actually made it until almost bedtime without a nap. He did so well and was such a good sport all day long (as I knew he would be).

I am so glad I kept that “chill” concept in mind. I have to care for him and I have to be sure his needs are met, yes. Absolutely. But I also want to give him great experiences at appropriate times.

After all … What four year old doesn’t occasionally skip a nap and have sprite and ranch for snack on vacation?


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