Too Big

You know those moments in life when everything just feels too big?  Too hard?  Too much?

I feel like the last two months have been that moment, but I’ve been really feeling the effects of it all in the last week.

Kiran and I had his waiver assessment meeting on Monday afternoon, and one of the questions I was asked is “Do you ever feel overwhelmed with caretaking?” I kinda laughed and said ” I mean…”


Yes, yes, yes, and another yes.  No one wants to admit that (except me, apparently), because no one wants anyone to think we can’t handle it.

It’s not that I can’t.  I’m handling it.  I’m over here killing it, if killing it means my son is alive, growing, progressing, and knowing he’s loved over here.  I got this.

But is it overwhelming?  Yes.

I learned something new last week about my brother’s accident, and it’s pushing down on me.  It shouldn’t matter, but I can’t shake it.  It feels too big.

I took a hard exam last night in my Anatomy and Physiology class, on the biggest unit we’ve had so far.  I am doing well in the class and I studied hard for the exam, but until I actually took it, I was paralyzed and feeling like I wouldn’t do well.  It felt too hard.

A kind man yesterday in the waiting room at Childserve spoke up, after I gave Kiran his water through his tube, telling me his daughter “had a feeding tube”.  We had a (always awkward, I suck at being a real person out in the world carrying on a conversation) brief conversation, and then I asked if she was able to get off the feeding tube or if she still had it.  “She died”

It is too much.

And I haven’t stopped thinking about this man.  Because yesterday, my capacity was such that all I could say was “I’m sorry.”  I meant it, but I know it’s not what I should have said.  I should have scooted over closer to him, and said “What was her name?  Tell me a little about her.”

Because I know.  I know what it means to have someone ask; I know what it means to be able to talk about our loved ones who are no longer with us.

I was reminded of something yesterday – even when a person knows what should be done in a situation, knows what the kind, compassionate thing to do is – doesn’t mean they have the capacity when the moment presents itself.

It helps me forgive others so much more easily.

Because oftentimes, life feels too big, too hard, like too much.  It’s just too damn much sometimes.

But I’m going to look for that man next Tuesday.  I am going to sit next to him and be completely awkward and say “Hi, didn’t we talk about feeding tubes last week?  I wanted to ask you….

What was your daughter’s name?”


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