Heart Month – Days 16, 17, 18 – Heart Grandma, Heart Grandpa, Support

Best laid plans.  As soon as Kiran’s dad felt better and took Kiran for the weekend, my body let down, and his illness let itself in.  I have been pretty down for the count most of the weekend and continue to fight this thing.  Yuck.

That being said, perfect topics.  Yet again. And they all fit well together, so I can catch up with one entry.

Kiran’s nana and papa, and the support they provide Kiran and me, is invaluable.  I could not do this without them.  Simple as that.

When Kiran was first born, they came over all the time.  I think Nana was over washing bottles and syringes about every night for months.  Papa was always on board for a snuggle or a diaper change.  And they always brought food.

Nana is the best hospital companion, though we haven’t had to use her skills too often, thank goodness.  She doesn’t mind sitting with me in his hospital room, day in and day out, doing word searches or talking or watching tv or grabbing food for me.

Papa is the best at making stuff to make our lives easier – or more fun.  From the wheelchair ramp he built just two days after Kiran got his wheelchair, making getting it in and out of the house so much easier on my back and my sanity, to the amazing train Halloween costume I envisioned that he made fit perfectly over Kiran’s wheelchair.

They both know the majority of Kiran’s daily care.  They can both feed him, orally and through his g-tube.  They know how to put his brace on at night.  And they are the best at snuggling and celebrating and loving him, just as he is.

Nana and Kiran love watching sports and cheering for their favorite teams together.

Papa and Kiran love playing their version of patty-cake which is silly and crazy and involves all kinds of tickles.

Support.  Without hesitation, when Kiran and I needed somewhere to live, they opened their home to us.  Their guest room became Kiran’s bedroom.  Papa’s Harley lounge became my makeshift bedroom.  Their kitchen cabinets became home to a million syringes and baby food pouches.  Their dining room table overflowing with Kiran’s chewy tubes; his wheelchair (also his feeding chair) always parked in the middle of everything.  Their living area upstairs became storage for a million toys and standers and gait trainers.  All kids come with a lot of stuff; Kiran comes with a lot more.

It isn’t picture perfect all the time, but I am thankful all the time.  I know how blessed Kiran and I are to have loving and supportive family like Nana and Papa.  I know they must go through their cycles of grief at times too – just like me, they had visions and dreams of what having grandchildren would be like – but they are so proud of Kiran.  They love him so well, and they love him for who he is and right where he’s at.  And they love me, too – Nana is especially good, lately, at reminding me I am a good mom, right when I need to hear it.  And Papa is especially good, lately, at seeing when I need a break and stepping in at dinner time for a g-tube meal.

We couldn’t have asked for a better Heart Nana and Heart Papa; we couldn’t have dreamed up a better daily support system.  We are lucky.



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