Heart Month – Day 15 – Siblings

Kiran will never be blessed with biological siblings, but I don’t feel he is lacking in the area of sibling-like love.  There are two special young women who have become so close with Kiran, they long ago started referring to him as their “little brother” … and it warms my heart every time.

It is a testament to family – sometimes – having nothing to do with blood.  Or even marriage.  Family is a special bond that moves beyond friendship.

These girls – G and A – I know would do everything possible to protect Kiran.  They spread awareness for congenital heart defects, they tell his story, they pray for him.  They would advocate for him and fight for him.  Heck, they both have his heartbeat tattooed on their bodies.  Their love is fierce, and he is lucky to have them as his older sisters.


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