Heart Month – Day 6 – Date of Birth


I say it often, just like that “Ten – Twenty-One – Twenty Fifteen”

Every doctor’s appointment, every test, every ER visit, every hospitalization with every prick and poke, “Could you confirm Kiran’s date of birth?”


I have to stop and think, now, when I am at an appointment for me.  My OWN birthday doesn’t roll off the tongue like it once did.  I am so used to his.  His numbers come more easily to the front of my mind, to the tip of my tongue.


The day my entire world changed.  He didn’t come until 11:06 pm.  It was a long day, waiting for him.  It was a long day, waiting to see what would happen to him once he was no longer safe in my womb.


The day we met.  The day our journey truly began.  The day I got to see him, but just for a second, and steal a quick kiss on his soft cheek, before they had to wheel him to the NICU, flanked by several doctors.


Other than that brief moment, I didn’t actually get to spend time with my son until 10-22-2015; it was well after midnight by the time they allowed me to get out of bed and be wheeled up to the NICU to see my darling boy.  I never wanted to leave his side, but of course, I was still a patient.


The day my biggest dream was realized: Kiran made me a mom.



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