Heart Month – Day 5 – Echo/EKG/X-Ray

I just realized – since the heart month challenge is actually a photo challenge on social media – I don’t think I have a single picture of Kiran getting any of this testing done.  I also have no idea how many Echos and EKGs and X-rays he has had in his life – I just know he surpassed me long, long ago.

From birth up until his heart surgery at ten and a half months old, we were basically going to the cardiologist every other week.  We *might* have started going closer to once a month for a period of time; I no longer recall for sure.  I just know that it was a routine part of our life, for sure.  His cardiologist at the time (we have since switched) performed all three of these tests basically every time Kiran saw him.  His heart was very closely monitored, to say the least.

Since heart surgery – and since switching cardiologists – I am thankful Kiran’s heart is no longer x-rayed on a regular basis.  He still gets an Echo and EKG done at every visit, but our visits are much more rare now – We are actually living inside our first YEAR between cardiology visits!  Kiran saw his cardiologist in August, and, unless concerns pop up, he doesn’t need to see him again until this coming August!

We are lucky – again with the luck! – Kiran has always cooperated pretty well for these tests.  He used to HATE getting the x-ray when that was being done on a regular basis – it was in a different room, so we would just hear him scream and cry and get mad – but he has always taken on the Echos and EKGs like a champ.  Star patient.  It’s a good thing, because he’s been a frequent patient his entire life.


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