Overwhelming.  Check.  Long.  Check.

But also, not as overwhelming as I thought.  And long because our current team and future team wanted to be sure all our questions were answered, which I appreciate immensely.  We were definitely a part of the discussion today – a valued part – which makes all the difference in the world.

It is so bizarre saying goodbye to two therapists who have been on his team since he was an infant.  And to two others who have been on his team for the last eight months or more.  I am learning how frequent these goodbyes will be.  Sometimes, they are for good reason and due to our decision, but in this case, they kinda just suck.  We have had such a strong, dedicated, and caring team for Kiran for these first three years of his life.

I feel good about the transition to the school-based team, though.  It makes a difference when you can sit around a table with everyone and realize that they all truly seem to have Kiran’s best interests in mind.  I can’t imagine this transition if I wasn’t working with people I felt that way about.

I feel blessed.  There are still some logistics and communications that need to happen with the school nurse regarding g-tube feedings and emergency plans, but other than that, I am about as ready as I will ever be for this.

First IEP meeting of many.  Check.


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