You know how moms just…know things!?  I don’t even mean me – not at all – I mean…MY mom knows things.  I have never understood how she knows things, but if I don’t know something (unless it’s about cars or tools or mechanical-type stuff – my dad knows those things), I go to my mom.

I have always felt SO insecure about being a mom because I. Don’t. Know. Things.  I don’t know how to get to the point where you DO know things.  I don’t have the confidence.

Well, today, I realized I do know things.  I know Kiran.  I know him well.  He woke up not feeling well.  He didn’t have a fever, but he was just a bit stuffy, was coughing a little (at a non-feeding time), was struggling more with his oral eating, and was just TIRED.  I assumed he got my cold.  We opted to cancel our preschool meeting with his teacher and associates, because it’s not a good first impression to get everyone sick.

I questioned it a few times today.  But then he continued being not quite right.  We had to alter some things – he was struggling a lot more with his water, so I went back to half nectar thick, and he did a lot better with it – I assume mucus is the culprit.  And we did a two nap day instead of a one nap day – and slowed down on dinner and went to bed early.

Basically, we had a sick day, even though I was questioning if I had made the right call, not really certain that he was sick.

And then I checked on him before my bedtime.  And he was awake, so I got in to snuggle him.  And I thought – He feels warm; I think he has a fever.

Guys.  I know things.

Sure enough, fever of 100.8.  Tylenol and snuggles given, alarms set to check on him a couple times before morning….

There is so much stuff I know that my mom doesn’t – or doesn’t know in as much depth as I do – Kiran has made sure of that.  He has a lot of extra stuff to know.  But I still have to say – it makes me feel good that I know some of this “regular” mom stuff too.

I just have to learn to trust it.



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