Sick Day

Sick days are rest days for me.  Well, rest days for my body, anyway.  Snuggle time, cartoons, longer and more frequent nap times (for him), cancelled appointments, staying in pajamas all day (along with him – solidarity!)

My brain certainly doesn’t get a rest day, though.  Decisions are tough for me anyway, because my brain constantly over-analyzes everything.  I don’t just second-guess myself … heck, I get up to tenth-guessing myself sometimes.

So in the midst of the snuggles and the temperature taking and the slow tube meals and the phone calls to cancel today’s appts and the emails wondering about whether or not to cancel tomorrow’s appts … my brain is most definitely not taking the day off.

Kiran’s managing this illness just fine – no serious concerns – and I am thankful for that.  I can handle low-grade fevers and lack of energy and coughs/stuffy noses and lots and lots of snuggles.  I will never take it for granted, because I will always remember that week in the hospital when he was just under three months old, and there due to a COLD.

So even though my brain doesn’t get the day off, I am thankful that we are home.


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