It Stinks

I wonder if there will ever come a time in my life when I am not so preoccupied with poop.  Kiran’s poop, to be exact.  It seems we figure out a rhythm and a routine, and he goes daily for a few weeks … and then I have to work way too hard to help him go, every other or every third day.

This stinky rollercoaster is killing me.

For the most part, Kiran’s dad and I are in agreement that we would rather use more natural means, as opposed to medication, for such things.  For instance, he was on reflux meds a couple years ago … once we switched him to a blended diet, we attempted weaning him off.  The reflux didn’t get any better, but it also didn’t get any worse.  We now regularly use aloe juice to help with his reflux.  We monitor and if it comes to a point where medication is necessary, we will absolutely try that again.  But for now, if the reflux is going to be the same whether he’s on medicine or not, we’d rather go with not.

In fact, Kiran has been medication free for over a year now, which is crazy.

Anyway.  There are poop options we have never used.  We have never used a laxative or suppository; we have never used an enema.  We have always been able to use other methods – juice, karo syrup, probiotics, time in stander, bicycle legs, positive tummy pressure/rubs – and have been successful.

But boy – sometimes when our entire day revolves around getting the poop out – I question our pure ways.

And let me tell you – when the poop does come, it’s always a celebration.


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