We spent a good portion of our Saturday morning delivering cheesecakes.  I don’t talk a lot about this, but I am 49% owner of a catering company/concession trailer, Chef’s Edge/Woody’s Pickle Shack.  And my business partner and I are passionate about and dedicated to raising funds for local organizations who support families living with congenital heart defects.

Woody’s Pickle Shack, it has recently been decided, has lived its life.  Our last appearance will be at the Superhero Heart Run on October 14th.  We were proud to be there last year, feeding all the amazing superheroes who came out to support Help-A-Heart and Heart Heroes.  We cannot think of a better way to go out with a bang.

Chef’s Edge will become our focus, and we always focus on giving back.  September is a special month, since we celebrate Kiran’s heartiversary.  In the heart world, the anniversary of a heart surgery is a big milestone.  Many children born with congenital heart defects live in heart failure for a good portion of their lives.  I don’t think people realize that.  Pre-surgery, Kiran was managing heart failure.  We have had a really blessed story; Kiran has been very heart stable since his first open heart surgery.  Still, September 7th is a big deal.  Living another year becomes more monumental when you have a serious heart condition.

Every September, Chef’s Edge will do a big cheesecake fundraiser honoring Kiran’s heartiversary.  Last year, we raised $305, which we donated through Team Keen on Kiran for the Superhero Heart Run – again, financially supporting Help-A-Heart and Heart Heroes.  This year, we raised $140 through the same fundraiser.  We also did heart-shaped cheesecakes for Valentine’s day and raised $75 for Help-A-Heart last February.

It doesn’t sound like much – but trust me, coming from someone who has benefited from both of these amazing heart organizations, it matters.  And we will keep doing it, because it matters to us.

I was never really one to be vocal about causes.  I never really had something I felt that passionate about.  I am passionate about love – equality – treating people with respect – but never before did I feel the need to get behind a megaphone.  Never before did I become that person constantly posting on social media about that one thing.

This entire blog exists because my son was diagnosed in utero with a heart condition.  My entire life has changed because my son was diagnosed in utero with a heart condition.  My platform, my megaphone, my facebook will forever be about making people aware of what it all means.  Kiran’s heart diagnosis is not his entire story, and my life has changed because of everything else that little man has going on … but that diagnosis was the beginning.

If you want to support CHD awareness and research and help families living in the trenches of the heart life, please consider a donation here.  Likewise, if you just want to support and honor Kiran – his heartiversary Sept. 7th; his upcoming birthday Oct. 21st; his recent television debut earlier this week; his story and his smile and his life – THIS is how we ask you do that.  It is the most meaningful gift you could offer our family.  Every dollar counts:



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