Intellectual Disability

The cognitive evaluation showed Kiran to have an intellectual disability. He tested at the moderate level but due to his young age, the psychologist put mild intellectual disability as his official diagnosis at this time. His observations and our questionnaire assessment both matched really well, and he said Kiran is currently at about a 6-7 month old level cognitively.

6-7 month old.  This was not only incredibly hard to hear – when asked before we started, I guiltily placed Kiran at about a 1 year old level – but I don’t fully buy into it.  Kiran’s global delays definitely factor into the way these assessments are written.  He understands far more than a 6-7 month old.  But I also understand why the assessments would place him in that age range.

He wants to see him again in two years. He expected to see delays, given the MRI results, but he (and my screaming internal voice) was still asking the question why?  Why is his brain developing this way?  Why isn’t he learning more quickly?

Why, indeed.  All we can do is keep moving forward and hope to learn more.

I am currently in stoic mode around this.  The best part?  He is still Kiran.  I truly feel like I can take any diagnosis in stride, as long as he never receives a terminal one.

He’s not yet three.  He is learning and progressing in every area – slow and steady.  According to the summary report, this intelligence evaluation “indicates Kiran requires a lot more assistance with learning and daily life activities.”  Guys.  I didn’t need to go all the way to Iowa City to know this.

But.  This gives us more information as we approach the changes coming in just a couple short months.  And it gives us the official evaluation document we need once a spot opens up for Kiran on the intellectual disability waiver.  So it was a necessary step – and another piece to the puzzle that is Kiran.

It’s a long road ahead, but we journey together.




One thought on “Intellectual Disability

  1. Small steps but ongoing progress and growth is the focus 😊 It is almost impossible to attribute a cognitive level of a specific number of months to a complex Little being! Kiran is on his unique path, taking steps through some doors that open for him with this diagnosis. He is a miracle! God bless your morher’s Heart in the wake of this news❤️


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