I have been meaning to write this post since Friday, and since there will be more things to process coming up soon, I wanted to take the time to update today!

Kiran received his glasses on Friday afternoon.  The transition is going better than I anticipated – we started with a 45 minute wear and then later in the evening, an hour with them on.  Saturday, he had 3 wears of at least an hour each, and Sunday he had about 3 wears, one being closer to 2 hours!  He wore them during speech and OT yesterday afternoon and did a pretty good job with them during his intensive PT session this morning.  His dad even trusted him to wear them in the car on the way to PT this morning (something I haven’t done yet, due to not wanting him to chew on them!), and I guess he kept them on the whole way!

He still dislikes them being put on his face, and there are plenty of times he takes them off and throws them to the floor in one sweeping motion.  But overall, he is getting used to them really well.  I haven’t seen him crossing his eyes near as much (only once in five days), and it does seem he is starting to get that he sees better with them on.  It’s an exciting transition for sure!

And he’s just so darn handsome in them.  I can’t believe how much more grown up they make him look!


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