I learned awhile ago how good it feels to be recognized.  To frequent someplace enough – and matter enough to those who are there – to be paid attention to.  Granted, I know that it is not me they pay attention to – it’s my cute little sidekick with the contagious smile.

Some friends of mine and I (and Kiran, of course) have made a somewhat regular lunch date at an easy and close location to my home.  It varies how often we go here, but in Nov/Dec, it was once a week (and my waistline at the time showed it!)

Anyway – today, we had lunch.  And both women working recognized us; our server was someone we have had frequently in the past.  We were earlier than normal, so we were the only ones in the restaurant.  For the first time ever, the server asked some questions about Kiran.  It started at one point asking about his new glasses.  Then, while waiting for our food to get prepared, she began asking if he could eat anything orally.  This was followed by a lot of other questions, and she got an incomplete but highlighted health history.  She made the statement that even though she only sees him when he’s in for lunch, she has definitely noticed improvement with him!

That was such a cool thing to hear!  And for someone to pay attention closely enough to be able to see a change and growth and increased strength…it touched my heart that she took the time to ask questions and talk to me about Kiran.  He continues to be my most favorite topic in all the world!

I also saw huge improvement in how well he sits up in the restaurant high chairs (which don’t give very good support).  I could definitely see how this cage session has increased his core strength by how long and how well he supported himself.

It was just some good in an otherwise emotionally taxing day.


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