Hearing Update

The vision exam and hearing exam are both done. Eye surgery is now in progress. 

This morning, we were put on our heels when the ENT informed us there was a possibility Kiran would need tubes in his ears. The only time we had heard of tubes was due to chronic ear infections. Kiran hasn’t had a single ear infection in his entire life.  However, apparently chronic fluid buildup in the ear is another reason they put tubes in. 

His last hearing test – he had fluid in his ears – so if they found fluid today (and if it was thick and goopy fluid), they would want to put tubes in. 

There’s the background. This is what caught us off guard (and made me cry, let’s be honest, even though I know tubes aren’t a big deal). 

Here’s what we found: His hearing is normal!  There was no fluid in the ears!  No tubes!  No need to follow up with hearing checks!

Such a relief for us all. 


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