Eye Surgery

We heard a lot of possible scenarios going into eye surgery. I would say we came out with maybe one tier below best case….we are so thankful for this!

They were able to snip and pull back the pupillary membranes in his right eye that were blocking his vision. Once they did this, they determined it improved pupil size enough that they did not need to remove the small cataract. As long as it remains small, they will leave it be. Removing it today would have meant removing the lens – they had hoped it wasn’t adhering so strongly to his lens that it could just be lifted off – that wasn’t the case. 

We are thankful they opted to go with this conservative route. Had they removed the lens, it would have been likely they couldn’t implant a lens because Kiran’s eyes are so small (apparently yet another developmental thing – small eyes, right eye is even smaller than left). Without a lens, we would have had to put a contact lens in Kiran’s eye every day. Um. No thank you. Glad this was not our news. 

We have to try to keep Kiran from messing with his eye for about a week post-op. He is currently wearing an eye shield. We were sent home with the arm brace deals to hold his arms still if need be – we are thinking last resort on that. We also have a strict eye drop regimen for at least the next week. 

We were not warned but we have to follow up tomorrow with the eye doctor, so we just got to our hotel for the night. It is very good I am always prepared and packed an overnight bag just in case!  

Otherwise…we know he has small optic nerves on both sides. We know his vision isn’t the best but he doesn’t have a need for glasses at this point (I’m not sure I can really explain this so I won’t try). He is behind visually. They found astigmatism in both eyes, worse in his right eye. They don’t think they will need to do surgery on his left eye – it, too, has pupillary membranes but they are further out from the visual field so not affecting his sight. 

It was a lot. It’s been a long day. We are happy with the results. Kiran, as always, was a trooper. He didn’t cry at all going back (and we have never had to do a sedative), and he woke up calm and trying to hard to be happy.  I just love this kid. We are so lucky he’s ours. ❤


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