Kiran continues to make progress. He was weaned completely off oxygen overnight and is tolerating room air quite well. His body also responded exceptionally well to the miralax, and he has passed many stools. 

We are currently dealing with withdrawal from all the pain medications he has been on. He has been fussy and agitated all morning, and this is, as many have warned, probably the most difficult part of the recovery process. Daddy is currently rocking with him, and we are trying touch and music therapy before they decide to give him another drug. It does seem as if he needs some help and a more slow weaning process, though. 

Unless something has changed, I believe he will get his arterial blood line out after rounds this morning.  This means all he will have left are his IVs, pulse ox sensor, and (what I believe are called) the ECG leads.  This is bare minimum stuff and will make it so much easier to hold him whenever we want – and he will be so much more comfortable. 

Daddy’s voice and the piano music, paired with rocking in daddy’s arms, seems to be calming him for now. Please pray we are able to work through this withdrawal period without needing to introduce too many more doses of drugs (but please know we will turn to them if necessary for him). 

Thank you for continuing to walk with us. The journey feels less lonely, knowing you are all in it alongside us. 


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