More Progress!

The big news of the day has already been shared in a photograph. Arif asked me how I felt while I was holding Kiran for the first time in days. I couldn’t even come up with the right words. It was just like – I was right where I belonged, and Kiran was too.  I held him for almost two hours – and would have held him longer – but after rounds, he was able to get his IJ like out – the central line in his neck. I knew he would be far more comfortable once that came out. 

So – he is off the morphine and Lasix drips (those were going through the central line – that’s why we got to take it out). The process of getting it out was highly emotional. He was NOT happy and was pretty inconsolable until given a PRN of morphine. (Funny story – I stumped two nurses asking them what PRN actually stands for. Context clues, I figured out days ago that it’s just a dosage given as needed. Apparently it’s Pro re nata which means “as the circumstance arises”)

They weaned his oxygen flow from 8 to 4, and they plan to pull chest tubes later this afternoon. We have been told two times now that we will likely move to the step-down unit tomorrow!!!!

Kiran is an A+ model patient. I cannot believe how smoothly and seemingly by-the-book his recovery has gone so far. He continues to amaze me. It is actually a very real possibility that we will be bringing our family home next weekend. 

Keep all of the prayers and thoughts flowing our way. I firmly believe it is working wonders. Thankful for our community of supporters. Just overwhelmingly thankful today. ❤️


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