Hospital Update

It seems we were given misinformation yesterday. If everything continues to go as it has been, we will be discharged this afternoon!  

Kiran has been such a trooper!  His oxygen saturations have been normal, he has been relatively calm, and he is now tolerating a feeding through his g-tube. He has been awake through most of recovery, but, despite not eating for just over 12 hours, he has been resting quite well. Now that food is being pumped into his tummy, he is fast asleep. 

We met with one of the surgical physicians assistants, and she was fantastic. We went over the surgical procedure in broad terms. I will try to update with more details about that later tonight when I am not typing on my phone. 

X-Ray will be coming around two to get a chest X-Ray on file for his surgery next week. After that, they want him to maybe rest and be monitored for another hour or so….and then we head to our California home!  Looking forward to a restful long  weekend ❤️


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