Cath is Done!

My heart is still pounding!  The doctor from the cath lab just came and found us in the waiting room. We had no idea what he was going to say as he took us into a conference room … 

The news, as the title states: He is DONE! The cath didn’t even take two hours!  Incredible. 

He has four MAPCAs. My dad recalled him having three at his last cath so his body has created a new one in the past five months. (Two of the arteries have high blood pressure. They may have caused some damage to the lungs but not enough to be concerned about. He also stated there is about 3x the blood going to the lungs as there is going to the rest of his body. This doesn’t necessarily mean much, other then he was impressed he has gained weight so well. 

We are already with him in recovery. Thanks for praying. 


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