Just because someone carries it well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

Strong. Resilient. Warrior. Mama Bear.

“You are such a good mom”

No matter how I spin it, with silver linings and tidy little bows on top, it’s heavy.

No matter how much I love my child (and it’s much – OH SO MUCH!), it doesn’t make the load any lighter.

No matter how true it is that I wouldn’t change a thing about Kiran, that I’d do it all, all over again, just like it’s happened …

You get the idea.

Just because someone looks like they’ve struck a balance doesn’t mean the beam they’re walking on isn’t wobbly. Just because it looks like they’ve sewn a strong blanket doesn’t mean they’re not actually hanging on by a tiny thread.

Kiran is light and joy and love and sunshine.

And despite it all, the load is heavy.


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