Pressure Cooker

It’s a new series on Netflix we are about to watch, but it sounds like my life.

Today was one of those days when, for whatever reason, all the worries flooded my brain.

The decisions that must be made, the never ending balance beam of priorities, the incessant guilt…the wishing it could be just a little bit simpler, sometimes.

I shared a specific decision/worry with Eric, one that is heavy with guilt and a true puzzle of priorities. And I told him even though my brain is examining solutions actively, I’m not ready to discuss them or have any provided to me.

Sometimes, I just need to let my brain ruminate in the background for awhile before I can take on a hard, disappointing decision.

So tonight, I’m going to drink my glass of red, watch yet another cooking show with my love, and turn off as much of my brain as I am able.


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