Cleanliness is next to….

My walls are still not going to get wiped down today. Kiran’s bathroom remodel was completed at the end of November, and I keep telling myself I am going to get all the excess dust off of my walls. But – finals were happening and then holiday preparations and then Covid and now – well, now the house is in such disarray, that I have to prioritize basic cleanliness today rather than any kind of deep-clean task.

Quick question, though: How often do you wipe down your walls? Because when I did a quick Google search to get some ideas on what I wanted to use (I’ve used white vinegar in the past – thinking I’ll just do a drop of Dawn dish soap this time around), the article that pulled up said I should be doing this task monthly – and even better, twice a month!

What!?! No wonder the pressure is constant. Who has time to take on such an extraordinary cleaning task that often? My ideal self would wipe down walls once a year, but truth be told, I have been looking at the dust on the wall in our bedroom since we moved in, over two years ago now.

There are things more important than dust-free walls.


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