Heart Stability

Kiran’s heart seems to have found a new stable – for now. His echo today showed similar pressures and pictures as the MRI and last echo six months ago.

So. We get to keep waiting and watching. Fatigue and fluid retention will be the first signs his heart function is declining further.

He got approval to move forward with his otolaryngology procedure next week.

The only change that will be a permanent one is we are starting him on a daily dose of aspirin. Studies have been done that show it helps prolong the life of the valve. Dr R mentioned he had remained skeptical for awhile and had put off a strong recommendation, but the results had him convinced and he felt it to be best protocol for kiddos with heart valves.

So, after we get through his procedure next week, we will be starting a daily dose of aspirin that will continue for life.

These are my favorite appointments. No surprises. Stable results. Assurance of what to watch for and when we will know it’s time for an intervention. Wonderful echo and ekg techs – and of course, I always appreciate chatting with Dr R.

Sticking with six month check-up protocol as well. Keeping a little closer eye on that precious heart. I’m glad it’s not time, yet.


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