A Graduation

Today, Kiran did graduate from something. Something that has been a part of his life since he was two months old!!!!!

No. More. Brace! Dr M was pleased with how his feet look and by this age, it is very rare for the correction to reverse, so he no longer needs to wear the brace at night to hold things in place.

This is going to make our bedtime routine so much easier. It’s one less thing for me to train caregivers on (for that great someday….), and it’s one less thing to go back and forth between houses.

A very quick, easy appointment today. Kiran didn’t mess with his mask at all, and we only went through two since we were in the hospital for less than an hour.

I’m thankful for the good news today. And the quick and easy appointment. Headed home tonight. Tomorrow, we head back this way for a Covid test, then spend the night for an early sedated MRI Friday.

This mama could use good thoughts and prayers, especially for sleep. I hardly slept last night, as the anxiety starts to creep in.

Lift us up this week. The road feels particularly long.


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