Just Say Hi

Story time was busy at the library this morning.  Lots of new faces today.  Kiran was especially vocal and excited during the stories, so I got to experience the usual curious stares.  Some felt not particularly friendly (these are always adults, never kids), but it is always possible I was feeling particularly sensitive.

At the end of story time, a mom walked right up to Kiran and me and started a conversation.  She asked if he liked story time, said that she had seen us there last week too, and I asked her name.  We introduced ourselves and our kids, talked about the origin and meaning of Kiran’s name, and just had a friendly conversation.

And it meant the world to me.

A part of me has to keep myself in check, because sometimes I literally want to THANK these people for approaching us.  For saying hi.  For not treating us like we have the plague.

Just say hi.

You can look at us and be curious and wonder.  You can stare.  I get that.  But then, come say hi.  Come get to know us.  Ask questions.

It reminds me, too, to just say hi.  I have to force myself, because I am the definition of an introvert.  But I know what it feels like to be in a room full of people and be so lonely I have to blink back tears.

That’s my challenge I am issuing to you, today.  When you are in a social situation, and you see someone who may be different or who is standing alone or just looks uncomfortable or overwhelmed, start a conversation.  “Hi” is a good starting place.

You might literally make their day.  Take it from me.


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