Eye-owa City

Sometimes the little things seem like big things. My mental perspective is working hard right now to shift my heart’s perspective.

Nothing huge to report with Kiran’s vision at this point. His prescription changed a little bit. We are going to do an ERG test at his next appointment, to see if his retinas are working appropriately. (We are currently assuming most of his vision issues are processing issues – brain issues. We want to make sure we aren’t missing any eye functioning issues.).

In addition to seeing the cross-eyed stuff we have been seeing his entire life, this time the docs noticed he is favoring his right eye. His left pupil is slightly smaller than his right pupil.

So. We need to make sure he uses his left eye more and doesn’t start favoring his right eye too much.

So he gets to be a pirate, for one hour every day. We have to put an eye patch over his right eye, while he is awake and we are engaging in something visually stimulating, for one hour every day for the next four months.

Kiran hates it when we even cover his glasses with our hands. We know from his recovery period from his eye surgery in 2017 that he dislikes having an eye patch.

Unfortunately, I am pretty sure he hasn’t grown out of that.

Remember my blog post earlier today, when I said I am already overwhelmed most days and feel I am not enough? This adds one more thing on the daily to our schedule. One more thing I will likely dread but will do anyway.

Because that’s what we do. We keep walking. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Sometimes the road feels longer.


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