It is the comment we get most often, from everyone: “He is just SUCH a happy guy!”

He is.  Don’t get me wrong.  I even say it, often.  It is one of my favorite things about Kiran: his joy.  His light.  His spark.  He truly is a ray of light, the meaning behind his given name.

But there is a way some people say it.  Not all.  Some.  Like they are grasping at straws, trying to find the “silver lining”, so to speak.  It’s as if what they are thinking is: “Well, AT LEAST he’s happy!”

It’s an apology for the challenges he faces – or maybe that I face.  Like a “Oh, I am so sorry he’s in a wheelchair…but at least he’s happy!”  “I’m so sorry he doesn’t talk…but at least he’s happy!”

Let me tell you something about that.  I don’t need an apology, and Kiran certainly doesn’t.  And – guess what – his value is INHERENT and has nothing to do with his temperament.  EVEN IF he was grouchy, he would have value.  He doesn’t have to be happy to make anyone feel better or more comfortable about who he is as a person.

I love him when he’s not happy just the same as I love him when he is.  His value has nothing to do with his mood or his abilities or his intelligence or anything.  He’s valuable because he is.  He’s a person with value, like any other person.

I’m glad he’s happy, because happiness is contagious – and because he has a tough road – it certainly does make things better.  But that’s true of anyone.

Don’t ever feel bad for commenting on his happiness – he truly is a joy among joys – but please remember he is valued for so much more than that.



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