Summer Bucket List

Time flies.  Tomorrow is July.  My summer class has been somewhat easing me into the schedule, but looking ahead, July really ramps up.  It is going to FLY by.

It is easy to get caught up in the to do lists.  So I made a different list for summer.  I made a summer bucket list for Kiran and me.  And today, we crossed something off of it!

Eric and I took Kiran to his first movie in a movie theater.  We saw Toy Story 4.  In hindsight, it wasn’t the best movie choice to keep Kiran’s attention – he would have preferred brighter colors and music to hold his attention better – but he seemed to enjoy it nonetheless.

Our biggest mistake was getting there early, which is notoriously my fault.  Being the first time, I wanted to get there, see how it was all going to work, and get settled well before the movie started.  But having Kiran sit through a half hour of stuff before the movie meant he was kinda over it about twenty minutes into the movie.

That being said, he did great.  He sat in his wheelchair next to me to about that 20 minute mark, squirmed around on my lap for awhile, and ultimately settled in comfortably on Eric’s lap for the remainder of the movie.  He really did a great job – we made it through the entire movie without leaving!

We may not cross everything off our list this summer.  I know this.  It’s likely we won’t.  But it is good to have, because it keeps me focused on the things that are most important: making summer memories with my sweet boy.


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