I tend to write when I have less-than-positive experiences or am struggling, because writing is my therapy – my way of letting go.  I want to write about some good today.

A couple weeks ago, Kiran had a great experience playing with the next door neighbor.  He’s a rambunctious two year old who is constantly on the move.  They have watched each other before but never really interacted beyond saying hi.  He was so cool and patient with Kiran – he threw “helicopter pod” after helicopter pod up in the air for Kiran to see.  He would kick his soccer ball to Kiran and wait patiently for Kiran to kick it back to him, with mama’s help.  He just seemed to be happy to have a friend to play with, and it was a heart-warming experience.  Of course, I just learned they are moving in July, but this post is about the positives….

We had a great weekend, with Dreamnight at the Zoo (a night for special needs families) on Saturday night, church on Sunday morning, good naps both days (I even took one Saturday!), and good time with Eric and Nana and Papa.  Nana and I even got to sneak away and enjoy a beverage with some great HAH ladies (and friends of HAH) yesterday!

Through chance, I got to meet the two moms I hadn’t met yet from a chat group my good friend added me to a few months ago, of special needs moms.  I am so thankful for this group of women who are all walking ahead of me, as all their special needs kids are older than Kiran.  I am learning so much from the trials they have faced and the solutions they have found.  And it’s just nice to feel seen and known and understood by people.  Looking forward to a future summer get-together with all of them and their families!

And today, though Kiran had to just come along with me for a couple errands this morning, we stopped at the library afterward – our plan was to walk around the pond and maybe stop and read a book or two along the way.  Then we discovered the book on the trail – posted signs that include a book to read as you walk!  I kinda knew they did this, but Kiran and I have never really explored it before.  Today, it was the perfect way to practice some of his speech goals (His wheelchair tray currently has a bright yellow mat velcroed to it with four vocab words/photos we are working on; two of which are “Stop” and “Go”).  We had a great time with this and ran into a couple other families on the way, all of whom interacted directly with Kiran.  Definitely a make-your-heart-happy kind of experience.

And though I feel like I am being pulled twenty different directions already, just preparing for school while balancing my catering company and my parenting duties and my social life and my health/well-being and and and….I feel like today was a pretty darn good, balanced day.  And Kiran is taking another good nap, which allowed me to have time to write about it.

It might be a hard one, but it’s also going to be a great summer!


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