Bucket List

It is a very surreal experience, creating a bucket list for your infant son.  I did just that, as he approached his complex open heart surgery, performed when he was only ten and a half months old.

I was so scared I was going to lose him.

I wanted to make sure he had certain experiences, just in case.

It’s hard to live inside the “just in case”.

I actually only remember two items on this list.  I am sure I blogged about them back in those days, as I grappled with what was to come for him.

I am thinking about this today, because later this afternoon, his dad and I will be taking him swimming in the very same hotel pool we crossed “Go swimming” off his bucket list in.

I am looking forward to it.  Swimming is an activity Kiran and his dad regularly do, every other Sunday morning.  I don’t currently have access to a swimming pool, so I am not able to do this with him at this time.  This summer will hopefully bring some swimming to our lives, but the truth is, I’ve never been much of a pool person.

But the activity is also bringing up these emotions, from years ago.

The other bucket list item I remember, that was SO important to me: Eat ice cream.  I got permission from his pediatrician to let him taste vanilla ice cream around 9 months of age.  He seemed to like it, best I could tell that he liked anything that he ate orally at that time.

I just wanted to be sure he experienced ice cream.  I *am* a big ice cream person, and it was something I CRAVED when he was growing inside me.

We have had so many experiences, so many firsts, so many adventures … I don’t take them for granted.  I am thankful for every single one.

And I can’t wait to take him swimming again.


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