Heart Month – Day 28 – Conquering CHD

This is what heart month is all about, for those of us affected daily by congenital heart defects.  I write every day – or at least the equivalent of 28 topics – during the month of February in order to bring about awareness.

But why?  Why make people aware?  If you are not aware – and if you have no understanding about the prevalence, severity, and all-encompassing nature of CHDs – you don’t know how to support families like mine.  You don’t know where to give to help support research.  And without research, there will be no conquering.

We need a cure.  1 in 100 babies born have a heart defect.  This affects so many.

Bottom line: Kiran would not be here if those who came before us hadn’t fought: for awareness, for research, for a cure.  The heart world has come a long ways in recent history, but we have a long ways to go!

I say it a lot: Kiran will change the world.  And he is!  With my help and my voice, he is changing things.  We are conquering little battles in our lives, and we will keep fighting for the big ones.

Fight with us.  Bring about awareness.  Share my blog, share my posts about CHD, share the story of a brave little warrior who is changing the world.  Give money to organizations supporting pediatric heart research.

It’s a long road ahead, but we journey together.  Our work doesn’t stop because February is over.  Let’s fight to conquer CHD, one day at a time, together.


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