Heart Month – Day 26 – Community

My friendship post yesterday probably came off as a little harsh.  I will be honest – yet again – it has been a tough month.  I haven’t had a lot extra to give.  I haven’t been out of the house much.  I’ve been struggling with what I always call the darkness.  I’ve been simply downright depressed, to be honest.  Between illness and weather, it has been a brutal winter.  I feel like 2019 hasn’t been good to me.  Yet.

So despite my no bs approach to the concept of friendship, the truth is this: Every single person reading this makes up our community.  Everyone who cares enough to invest time in our story is a part of our community.  So many of you reach out with just the right thing I need to hear at the perfect moment.  Every time I feel like I have fallen down and there is no way I can possibly get back up yet again, your words provide the hand I need to grab hold of to get back on my feet.

I couldn’t do this without you.  Kiran is lucky to have so many people who love him, some who have never even met him.  I know he has a big cheerleading squad, all over the world, and it is heartwarming.

There is one very special community of people I could never do this without: The Heart Moms.  I would be lost without them.  Nobody knows my story as well as the others who are living similar ones.  The ladies who have gone before and can offer insight, humor, empathy…I could never thank them enough.  It is (I believe) the second ever blog post I wrote on here, all about the group you never wanted to be a part of but couldn’t imagine living without since you are.  I never wanted to be here, in this community of heart moms, but man, I tell you what: Heart moms love with a fiercer love than any I’ve ever witnessed.  Maybe it’s because we are all about the heart.  It changes something in us, when we have to let our little one’s hearts be operated on.

Thank you for being here.  All of you.  Thank you for loving us so well.  Thank you for educating yourselves and sharing our story with others – keep doing it!  This community means the world to me, and I’d be lost without it.


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