Heart Month – Day 24 – Friendship

Friendship.  What is there to say on this topic?  Friendship, for me, looks so different now than it did prior to Kiran.

For one thing, I have even less interest in superficial relationships.  I don’t have time to try to nurture along acquaintanceships that lack substance.  If you are not ready and willing to dive into the real, into the deep, into the darkness, with me…I am not even going to apologize; I don’t have time – or energy – for you.

On the other hand, so many very real friendships are developed and maintained through a screen.  People who take the time to reach out, right when I need encouragement.  The people who consistently check in with me, just to see how I am doing or if I need anything.  The ones who understand that sometimes, the occasional text is all my life will allow, now.

Friendship, for Kiran, well.  He is everyone’s friend, and everyone is his.  I see so much of Aaron in him, when it comes to his socialization.  He loves people, and he loves attention – and that’s it.  If you pay attention to him, he is your friend.  He has the time and the energy, always, for you.  So even if I can’t, Kiran will be your friend.


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