Heart Month – Day 10 – Gone Too Soon

My heart is heavy with this topic.

No parent should ever have to bury their child.

It says so much, yet fails to fully encompass what that experience is like.  I assume.  I cannot express what that experience is like.  I have watched my own parents bury my brother, so I have perhaps a closer, fuller understanding than most … and I have lived in very real situations when it could have been a possibility for me, so I have perhaps a closer, fuller fear of this than most.

It is a fear tucked away, but just barely.  It surfaces far too often.  It is part of living the heart life.  So many sweet warriors gone too soon.  I grieve and cry and pray and my heart screams on behalf of so many sweet families who have to say that horrible goodbye.

Today, so many days, I remember these heart warriors.  I remember their stories, their battles, their passing.  Each one I hear about affects me in a deep, real way.

I cannot fathom.  I hope I never have to know the experience personally.

For those who have…Know that I remember your heart warrior too.  I love them: their life, their stories.  I know their names.  They will not be forgotten.



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