(Lack of) Patience

Here’s the thing.  I am terrible at waiting.  TERRIBLE.  So this morning, when I saw on mychart that Kiran’s genetic test results are in (but no results actually available for viewing on mychart), I waited a whole hour before I emailed our genetic counselor.

I wasn’t going to.  I told myself I would be patient, because she said she would contact us to set up a conference call to give us the results and let us know steps moving forward (If results tell us something, we will set up an appt right away to learn more; if they don’t, we will probably just follow up in a year).

She did respond back, but our geneticist herself is on call today and has several NICU consults, and it’s hard to say if she will have time to review Kiran’s results today.

I never thought I’d say this, but I HATE that today is Friday.  We have been waiting since September for these results, but waiting the weekend?  That might finally drive me up the wall.


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