Accessible Parking Spots

I am going to share the facebook status I just posted on here as well, because I really think everyone needs to be aware and start thinking about this issue.  Safety trumps convenience.  Always, always, always.

Another quick vent. Today, at preschool drop-off, a woman used the dashed lines in between accessible parking spaces as a turn-around to avoid going to the end of the parking lot like everyone else. Had I been getting Kiran out of the car at that time – and had she not been paying attention because she is apparently oh-so-busy-and-important, she would have hit us.

It has been an ongoing issue, and it has been one we have addressed with the principal of the school. He is aware of it, and I am hoping he will, as promised, send my brief plea out to the parents sometime this week. It reads as follows (think about this, anytime you are tempted to use an accessible spot, even “for a minute” or as a turnaround):

“I want to make a quick plea to all of the parents and caregivers who drop off at ***** Elementary. My son started preschool there just four weeks ago. He is in a wheelchair. Multiple times, in just four weeks, cars have zipped right next to us to turn around in the accessible parking spots. This happens while I am trying to use the space provided to safely transfer my son from the car into his wheelchair. It startles us, and it compromises his safety. We all want the same thing for our children; first and foremost, for them to be safe. Please take the extra minute to go to the end of the parking lot to turn around, and leave the accessible parking spaces to be used the way they were intended.”

Of course, the people who are doing this are more than likely the people who don’t read the all school emails. But what more can I do, but try to educate and advocate for my son’s safety and accessibility?

Oh, this world.


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